Services Partners

MetaZ has a proven partner ecosystem specializing in specific cloud and digital skills

Google Cloud Platform

Platinum Partner for GCP with GCP Certified Engineers. Strong in BFSI, Healthcare & Media Segment. Area of specialization is in App Dev & Modernization & Infra Modernization. 

AWS Cloud Services

Area of specialization is in Infrastructure Migration & Management, App Dev & SRE. 

Cloud Security

Established by ex CISO of Top Indian Banks they provide end to end Cloud Security Services including Audit, Compliance, Architecture & Secure Code Review. Team Strength is 300+. 

Cloud Analytics

200+ data scientists, Data Engineers & Visualization experts, Implemented over 200+ AI/ML, Data Engineering and Visual Analytics solutions, using patented analytics methods & solutions. 

Customer Experience

Over 200 Engineers specializing on Product Design, Product Marketing & Front End Technologies for Customer Experience.

Cloud Testing

Specialized on Software Product Testing, Exploratory Testing & Automation with 500+ Testing Engineers. Well-known in India Startup Ecosystem & works with many India Unicorns & Corporates  

Sales Force (SFDC) Implementation

Specializes on Sales Force Implementation-200+ Engineers specialized on Sales Forces, Brings domain experience in BFSI, FMCG & Manufacturing.

Product Partners

MetaZ Partnership Eco-System

Threat Management

SAAS Platform for Continuous Automated Red Teaming & Attack Surface Management. 75 Customers are using their products including US, Europe, APAC & Middle East. 

Data Platform

An Open Cognitive Platform that is transforming the way data analytics, machine learning, deep learning, Al, and predictive analytics interface with each other on a near real-time basis 

Observability & Al Ops

Founded by ex Infosys CTO they provide Open Telemetry based Observability & AI OPS solutions. Close tp 60+ customers induding US, APAC & MIDDLE East. 

AI based Automation Platform for Data Annotation

SaaS based platform for annotating training data annotation for NLP Models. Reduces both cost & human effort by > 70% with better accuracy compared to manual annotation.