• Customer

    Multinational Pharma Company

  • Project Objective
    Project Objective

    Customer intended to modernize their workloads in their Basel, Princeton and Germany data centers through a lift and shift approach. The client wanted to realign their existing projects to a new landing zone in GCP and use Netapp CVO instead of the NFS that they were using. This would enable the company to have stronger security posture and attain a better fitment with their security and compliance requirements.

  • Business solution
    Business solution

    Setup a strong cloud foundation with secure, scalable, modular, and easy to access resources Design and implementation of a landing zone for the client’s workload in GCP applications to enable a stronger security posture that meets all security and compliance requirements Assessment of data center in Germany, Princeton and Basel using Startozone The iHub portal was set up in GKE as a part “move and optimize” application migration strategy

  • Benefit / value delivered to customer
    Benefit / value delivered to customer

    Assisted in setting up iHub application, that serves around 5000-7000 daily active users across North America, Russia and Europe

Multinational Pharma Company

Case study

Customer intended to modernize their workloads in their Basel