• Customer

    Leading EV Manufacturer

  • Project Objective
    Project Objective

    Real-time Insights With IoT-based Telematic Platform. The client was looking to build a Cloud-native Telematics platform capable of supporting two versions of vehicles: the current ones, connected to mobile phones via Bluetooth Low Energy, and newer generation vehicles equipped with IoT devices.

  • Business solution
    Business solution

    We designed and developed a scalable IoT-based Telematic Platform available on Android and iOS devices that provides real-time insights into their fleet of connected vehicles. We enabled better customer experience and improved security with – A Cloud-native Telematics platform to generate and monitor data from their connected vehicles, providing users with information on general vehicle use and diagnostics Support for both legacy Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connected scooters as well as IoT-enabled scooters Augment the IoT telematics solutions with backend to support the consumer application The on-demand nature of Cloud-native platform that gives a phased approach to scaling with respect to their business goal

  • Benefit / value delivered to customer
    Benefit / value delivered to customer

    Improved fleet management and fleet health for a multinational restaurant chain with a fleet of over 10k connected vehicles

Leading EV Manufacturer

Case study

Real-time Insights With IoT-based Telematic Platform.